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February 19th 2016 Newsletter

Trade Systems overview and actual performance along with crude oil futures chart

February 19th, 2016 - Issue #818

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1. Trade Smart, Trade Systems
2. Crude Oil Market Rebounds This Week; Market Bottom in Place??
3. Economic Calendar

1. Live Trading Systems Results and Overview

What is a trading system?
A trading system is a tool used by traders that uses objective entry and exit criteria based on parameters that have been determined by historical testing on quantifiable data. Systems are run on computers or servers and linked to an exchange for trading. Developers will send systems revisions (updates) as they see fit.

Why should I trade a system?
Trading the futures markets using a trading system provides the discipline to overcome the fear and greed that in many cases paralyzes a trader and prevent making timely decisions. Each order placed is governed by a pre-determined set of rules that does not deviate based on anything other than market action.

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What should I consider?
Like all kinds of tools, trading systems if not used properly, can be dangerous to the trader's economic health. The trader should evaluate tolerance to high-risk futures trading, risk capital and the ability to withstand equity draw-down as well as the cost in terms of both time and money to trade in the futures markets.

How do I know if the system is any good?
One of the key elements of a trading system is the ability for a trading system to hold up over time. We encourage clients to take their time and study results before they open a trading account. The only true test of a system is to see how it performs in actual trading where market slippage and trading cost are a part of the record.

How much money do I need?
The minimum deposit to open a futures trading account varies by the broker. In addition, the prospective trader should only consider opening a futures account when the trader has sufficient risk capital, due to the leverage in futures trading.

How do I get started?
The first step is for the trader to talk to Cannon Trading Company or one of its affiliated brokers in order to understand the risk as well as the rewards of futures trading using trading systems. If the trader is comfortable with the program then the next step is to open a trading account and select the trading system(s) that best fit the trader's personal risk tolerances and trading objectives. If the trader is not comfortable in operating the selected trading system(s), the trading system(s) will be "auto-traded" in the traders account for the traders benefit. The group executing the systems is not permitted to trade futures, so our focus is always on providing the trader the very best service.

What are the Risks?
Any one system may be subject to market specific, system specific, or complex specific risk. By trading multiple systems across different markets, one may reduce market specific and complex specific risk. By trading systems with different entry and exit strategies, the trader may reduce system specific risk. However, the risk of trading can be substantial and each investor and/or trader must consider whether this is a suitable investment. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Check out Daily results

, scan through different trading systems rankings and actual performance

and much more!

Disclaimer The risk of trading can be substantial and each investor and/or trader must consider whether this is a suitable investment. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Futures Trading Disclaimer:
Transactions in securities futures, commodity and index futures and options on futures carry a high degree of risk. The amount of initial margin is small relative to the value of the futures contract, meaning that transactions are heavily "leveraged". A relatively small market movement will have a proportionately larger impact on the funds you have deposited or will have to deposit: this may work against you as well as for you. You may sustain a total loss of initial margin funds and any additional funds deposited with the clearing firm to maintain your position. If the market moves against your position or margin levels are increased, you may be called upon to pay substantial additional funds on short notice to maintain your position. If you fail to comply with a request for additional funds within the time prescribed, your position may be liquidated at a loss and you will be liable for any resulting deficit.

2. Crude Oil Market Rebounds This Week; Market Bottom in Place??

From our friend Jim Wyckoff at

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crude oil futures;The Nymex crude oil market this week has made a good rebound from the recent contract and 12-year low. However, prices will have to push above solid technical resistance the last "reaction high" of $34.82 to negate the downtrend on the daily chart, to better suggest a market bottom is in place. It is my bias the oil market has put in a market bottom, or is very close to it.

3. Economic Calendar

Source: Moore Research Center, Inc.

Date Reports Expiration & Notice Dates
LT: Mar Crude Lt(NYM)
8:00 AM CST - Case-Shiller 20-City Index(Dec)
9:00 AM CST - Consumer Confidence(Feb)
9:00 AM CST - Existing Home Sales(Jan)
2:00 PM CST - Cold Storage & Annua
FN: Mar Cotton(NYM)
6:00 AM CST - MBA Mortgage Purchase Index
9:00 AM CST - New Home Sales(Jan)
9:30 AM CST - API & DOE Energy Stats
2:00 PM CST - Dairy Products Sales
FN: Mar Crude Lt(NYM)
LT: Mar Copper Options(CMX)
Mar Gold Options(CMX)
Mar Silver Options(CMX)
Mar Natural Gas Options(NYM)
Mar RBOB & ULSD Options(NYM)
7:30 AM CST - USDA Weekly Export Sales
7:30 AM CST - Initial Claims-Weekly
7:30 AM CST - Durable Orders(Jan)
7:30 AM CST - Durable Goods-Ex Transportation(Jan)
8:00 AM CST - FHFA Housing Price Index(Dec)
9:30 AM CST - EIA Gas Storage
3:30 PM CST - Money Supply
LT: Feb Copper(CMX)
Feb Gold(CMX)
Feb Silver(CMX)
Feb Platinum(NYM)
Feb Palladium(NYM)
Mar Natural Gas(NYM)
7:30 AM CST - GDP-Second Estimate(Q4)
7:30 AM CST - GDP Deflator-Second Estimate(Q4)
7:30 AM CST - PCE Prices(Jan)
7:30 AM CST - Personal Income & Spending(Jan)
9:00 AM CST - Michigan Sentiment-Final(Feb)

FN: Mar Natural Gas(NYM)
FN=First Notice, OE=Option Expiration, LT=Last Trade

* Please note that the information contained in this letter is intended for clients, prospective clients, and audiences who have a basic understanding, familiarity, and interest in the futures markets.

** The material contained in this letter is of opinion only and does not guarantee any profits. These are risky markets and only risk capital should be used. Past performances are not necessarily indicative of future results.

*** This is not a solicitation of any order to buy or sell, but a current market view provided by Cannon Trading Inc. Any statement of facts herein contained are derived from sources believed to be reliable, but are not guaranteed as to accuracy, nor they purport to be complete. No responsibility is assumed with respect to any such statement or with respect to any expression of opinion herein contained. Readers are urged to exercise their own judgment in trading!

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