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BESTDirect Online Trading

Start trading right now with a free BESTDirect Online Trading demo account. Try your hand at futures trading free for 30 days. Simply fill out the form to get started demo trading immediately or call us at (800) 454-9572. Good Trading!

PFGBEST - BESTDirect Online Trading

The BESTDirect Online Trading platform is simple, powerful software recommended for day traders and position traders working mostly with the futures market.

BESTDirect Online Trading Features

  • Trailing stops and profit targets.
  • OCO orders.
  • Depth of Market Trading Panel.
  • Trade window with complete positions summary, trade panel, order history, and real-time account status.
  • Strategy window.
  • Immediate access to your existing trading account or demo account.
  • Sortable order management panels that can be filtered by product or by order status.
  • Flexible workspace that lets you build the trading environment you are most comfortable using.
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Cannon Trading respects your privacy, all transactions are safe and secure with High-grade Encryption (AES-256, 256-bit keys). We do not sell your information to third parties.


With up to 30 customizable workspaces, you can manipulate every workspace to fit your needs, whether it’s charting, depth of market (DOM), or quotes. Need a clear head to consider a different market? Make a new page!


Check your charts and manage your trades from the same screen, allowing added efficiency and confidence to your strategies.


Among other features, the BestDirect 8.0 Depth of Market (DOM) view allows canceling your bids or your asks, as opposed to a broad "cancel all" that wipes out all working orders. Trade with precision on this DOM.


This platform not only allows a quotes window but provides "Quote Bugs" to be placed around the window, allowing you to easily keep track of the markets you’re watching.


A very dynamic Options tracking system is presented here. Keep track of your options chains and watch them via Depth of Market view to remain competitive.

Accounts Overview

Dedicate one workspace to track your positions and activity for the day so you don’t get lost in your trading.

Video Tutorials

Technical Requirements

Microsoft .Net Framework

BESTDirect Online Trading requires Microsoft .Net Framework version 2.0. If your PC does not have it, you can install it by clicking this link (22.4 MB).

Windows Vista Users

Before the program is installed please do the following:

  1. Go to "Start --> Control Panel".
  2. Open the "User Accounts and Family Safety" option.
  3. Click on "User Accounts"
  4. Click on the last option on the window called "Turn User Account Control On or Off"
  5. Click Continue on the Permission Window
  6. Un-Check the box next to "User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer"
  7. You will be prompted to restart your computer.
  8. Upon startup, install or reinstall and run BESTDirect Online Trading.
  9. Once the install is complete and running you may go into the User Account option and turn the feature back on if needed.

Installation Instructions

When you start the application you will see a dialog window that requests the following information:

  • Account Number: (enter the account number that you received when you signed up for a demo account) (or click here to sign up: link to signup form)
  • Access Key: (enter the access key that you received when you signed up for a BESTDirect demo account)
  • ID Name: Anything you want
  • IP Address:
  • Port Number: 2000

Then click on the "Log On" button. Once you are logged in, you can refer to the online Help menu to get started, or refer to the features overview below.

When you are first logged in, you will see a blank screen. The toolbar on the top of the application enables you to call up windows. Here's a brief overview of some of the key windows/functions of the platform. You can also view the Help menu on the toolbar.

File Menu:

  • Save Workspace lets you name a customized desktop setup so that you can have different views to call up when you logon. Load workspace simply allows you to select form a saved workspace.
  • Setup lets you select default orders size, whether you want a confirmation window to appear, whether you want fill notifications to appear, whether or not you want to play sound.

Log Off

  • You will see a Log Off confirmation message that displays the number of working orders and open positions under your account.

New Window Menu:

  • BESTDirect Classic: Brings up a trading layout that is very similar to the existing BESTDirect Online Trading platform
  • Balances Summary: gives you a single window to view account status information for all customers under your broker account.
  • Depth of Market: Shows price dome with Get Flat, Del Bids, Del All, Del Asks buttons.
  • Order Summary: this order history window lets you filter by specific products. You can click on column headers to change how information is sorted. Right clicking inside a table lets you customize the columns you see by going to the "columns" selection. (This functionality works the same for other tables in the platform.)
  • Position Summary: displays for all accounts under your broker account, or for any individual account.
  • Quote Window: allows you too add individual products, or you can use the "Fill" button to generate a quote list for all products in your order summary or position summary windows.
  • Strategies: Another version of the depth of market window, the strategies dome lets you set trailing stops and profit targets. Checking the "Enable" box will attach a strategy box to the price dome.
  • Trade Window: Brings up a position summary, Trade Panel (New orders, cancels, replaces, OCO orders), Account Status, and Working Orders. If you have your customer accounts loaded, you can either change the account number in the account box to switch to a different account, or click inside the account box and use your arrow keys to scroll up or down through accounts.

The dropdown help menu includes more detailed information about all the platform. You can access the help menu from any window by pressing [F1].

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