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Commodities Margins Rising to Cool Markets, November 22nd 2010

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Have a great weekend and a good, short trading week ahead of Thanksgiving holiday.

Good quick article for your reading pleasure:

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Futures Trading Levels for November 8th, 2010

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Have a great weekend!



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Weekly Futures Trading Newsletter and Daily Levels for October 21st 2010

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Our Weekly Newsletter is Now Available for Your Review at:
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Quadruple Witching to Provide S&P 500 with Clues, September 17th 2010

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Same comments from yesterday and the day before still hold true….main difference is the tomorrow is quadruple witching day so I am hopeful that we finally break out one way or the other……

Well by now this is the 3rd or 4th time we are knocking on 1122.75…..that means one out of two (in my opinion): Tomorrow morning reports help this market break this level and start another leg up towards 1157.00


Market fails one more time against this level, fills the gap below ( 1105.75) before giving us some additional clues.
I would love to have the “correct answer” to give you but only time and price action will tell….

SP 500 Day Trading

SP 500 Day Trading

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