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Gold Demand Hurt by Bitcoin – Levels for Trading on April 24th 2018

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Bitcoin Nipping At Gold Demand


Supply & Demand
The World Gold Council (WGC), the trade group representing the gold industry, said in its fourth-quarter Gold Demand Trends report that the yellow metal’s global, full-year demand fell by 7% last year. ETF demand in 2017 was one-third of 2016’s pace, although 2016 was the second-highest year on record.

Rhind and Thomas say the people who were interested in bitcoin were drawn to the parabolic price rise, rather than viewing it as having the same risk management role in their portfolio as gold does.

“Almost to the person, they all thought bitcoin was exploding, and they didn’t want to miss ‘the move’ … no one ever mentioned safety to me,” Thomas said.

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