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What are the Best Approaches for Long-Term Gold Futures Price Forecasting?

May 28th, 2018 Filed under Gold Futures, Metal Futures | Comment (0)

Author: Mark O’Brien, Senior Broker at Cannon Trading Co, Inc.

There is no easy answer to what the best strategy is to predicting price movement in gold futures, much less any other commodity.  Given that rather glum starting point, there are approaches that analysts and economists use to forecast prices.  One most commonly employed is the use of broad-based commodity indexes – in which prices of food, energy, other metals, lumber, etc. are aggregated to gauge overall commodity price inflation – or the lack thereof.

Another strategy is to look for trends in the economic measurements of major developed and developing countries, such as business and consumer confidence, retail sales, interest rates, production of energy products (unleaded gas, heating oil, jet fuel, natural gas) and industrial metals (steel, aluminum).  These can also be aggregated to provide a broader reflection of global inflation. Read the rest of this entry »

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