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Trader’s Commodity Interview 3.01.2017

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Heads up: Front month for energies is now April. Front month for bonds/ten years is June as of tomorrow. Front month for grains is May.

A quick interview I did with our Friends over at Trading Technologies ( Cannon offers ALL of Trading Technologies products, including XTRADER for qualified clients).

Ilan Levy-Mayer is the vice president of Cannon Trading Company and chief trader for LEVEX Capital Management Inc., a commodity trading advisor. Levy-Mayer specializes in futures and commodities trading using technical analysis and algo trading. He oversees trading systems, risk and online marketing at Cannon while also running a trading program with LEVEX. A former professional basketball player, Levy-Mayer has been in the futures industry since 1998.

– Brian Mehta, CMO

You have an interesting background. How did you get involved in trading, and how has your prior experience as a professional athlete helped you as a trader?

Ilan: Athletics and trading are not so dissimilar. Learning that practice makes perfect and that spending hours in the gym would help my basketball game translated into me spending hours in front of the machine, watching markets and market patterns, trying to perfect my game.

I actually became involved in trading after becoming a broker. At the time, the online trading business just got started and I was watching too many self-directed online traders lose money way too quickly. READ THE REST….

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