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Future Brokerage Services

Online Future Brokerage Services - Cannon Trading offer commodity futures trading account types including broker assisted, self directed and discount.

Over 30 Years of Serving Futures Traders of All Types

Hedge Funds & Corporate Institutions Professional Traders Foreign Introducing Brokers Individual Traders Brokers Assisted Traders Managed Futures & Trading Systems

You and your broker will work together to achieve your trading goals. We develop long term relationships with our clients so that we can grow and improve together. In an impersonal financial world, having a good relationship with a high quality broker can make all the difference.

Self-Directed Online Traders

For the experienced trader and for day-traders who need fast, direct access to the commodity and futures markets. We offer variety of trading platforms, aggressive day trading margins, some of the most competitive commissions in the industry and above all personal support when and if you need it.

Professional Traders

We provide hosted solutions, assistance with the different CME memberships and a personal broker to make sure your professional trading needs are met and customized according to your specific trading needs. We offer variety of front end solutions as well as a few different API's for automated trading.

Foreign Instroducing Brokers

We are here to help you grow your trading business. We offer foreign agents (can NOT be a US citizen and clients can NOT be from the US) multiple trading platforms, scale down commission structure, complete online back office, online risk management. We provide you with content and added value educational material to assist your clients.

Broker-Assisted Traders

Working one on one with an experienced broker is highly recommended for new comers as well as experienced traders based on your needs, schedule and trading objective. As a client you will work with a dedicated broker who will be your second pair of eyes and ears and someone you can share and discuss ideas with. Broker Assisted clients receive:

  • Fast and accurate order execution.
  • Instant access to information regarding your account.
  • Live quotes, charts news and research.Daily email with trading levels and reports for the next day.
  • Weekly newsletter.
  • Personalized attention for large and small investors.
  • Top rate customer service.
  • The final decision on when and how to invest is the client's choice.
  • 24 hour order desk.
  • Discuss trading strategies that suits your lifestyle.

Hedge Funds & Corporate Institutions

Are you looking to protect your investments by decreasing or transferring risk in the futures markets? We provide assistance and a wide range of hedging solutions in all major commodity sectors, including energies, precious metals, grains, even the stock and bond markets. For example, we can set multiple accounts for separate hedging with centralized risk monitoring. We can also set master accounts to distribute block hedge trades to separate accounts based on tiered hedging requirements.

Managed Futures & Trading Systems

The field of programmed trading has grown exponentially over the last decade. The major factors to this growth include advances in programming technology and the ever expanding ease of access to a broadening number of futures markets. Now, automated and managed futures trading take many forms - often too complex to evaluate or even to integrate with their trading platforms to implement. Cannon Trading Co. brokers have years of experience with these programs. We can start from "square one" and help guide you in your system and platform selections. Moreover, we can assist you with your entire set-up.

Futures Brokerage Services

At Cannon Trading, we pride ourselves on offering quality brokerage and online trading services for clients nationally and internationally.

Our team of experienced brokers is ready to assist our clients with their various issues. We understand that trading needs vary from client to client, so we focus on developing personal relationships with our clients and traders.

Online trading can seem confusing at first, especially since many trading platforms are at a persons' disposal. Thankfully, Cannon Trading offers traders the tools they need to get started, which can help them start making trades as soon as possible.

The Cannon Trading Advantage

Our trading platforms and unmatched customer service have made us a leading name in the industry since 1988.

We have established ourselves as a critical player in the online trading industry, especially since Cannon Trading was the first online trading service available.

Since 1998, we have offered both traditional and online trading, which has given our traders plenty of options to choose from as they participate in the futures and commodities markets.

Types of Trading We Offer

Our team provides a variety of futures brokerage services, which meet many different needs.

We offer commodity futures trading for many different types of traders, including:

  • Broker-assisted
  • Discount
  • Diversified
  • Self-directed
  • International
  • Institutions
  • Professionals
  • And more!

  • Cannon Trading’s brokers give all of our clients' individualized customer services, which helps them meet their trading goals.

    A trader will work one-on-one with a Cannon Trader broker to establish and meet trading goals. By working closely with our clients, we strive to grow and improve together.

    We believe that it makes all the difference to have a close relationship with a high-quality broker. The world of finances can be impersonal, which is why Cannon Trading strives to provide personalized care to all of our clients.

    Our Experience

    We have over thirty years of experience serving a variety of clients. Over the years, we have become one of the leading brokerage services, which has allowed us to provide services for all of the following:

  • Self-Directed Online Traders
  • Hedge Funds and Corporate Institutions
  • Professional Traders
  • Foreign Introducing Brokers
  • Individual Traders
  • Broker-Assisted Traders
  • Managed Futures and Trading Systems

  • We can work with such a wide variety of clients and institutions, which has helped us remain relevant in the industry.

    Don't worry if you are interested in trading with us and don't know if you fit into any of the above categories! Give us a call. We would be happy to speak with you about your trading needs.

    We've broken down some of the types of services we offer here at Cannon Trading to give our clients a better idea of what we do here at Cannon Trading:

    Self-Directed Online Traders

    For experienced traders, we offer direct access to commodity and futures markets with our state-of-the-art trading platforms. We offer aggressive day trading margins, with some of the most competitive commissions in the industry.

    Our team even offers personalized support when traders need it, allowing them to get the most out of the services we provide.

    For traders looking for platforms with advanced charting capabilities and current market information, look no further than Cannon Trading.

    There are many different platforms under the Cannon Trading name, which each fill specific needs for traders.

    Here are just a few of our most popular platforms:

  • CQG
  • RTrader Pro
  • Multicharts
  • TransAct AT and Sierra Charts
  • iBroker
  • E-Futures
  • FireTip
  • Jigsaw
  • Bookmap
  • And more

  • We offer free trials of most of our platforms for clients and traders, allowing them to find a program that best suits their needs. We work closely with our clients to provide a trading experience that suits their needs.

    Hedge Funds and Corporate Institutions

    Professional traders and hedge funds can utilize our platforms to protect their investments.

    For traders looking to decrease or transfer risk in futures markets, Cannon Trading offers comprehensive trading solutions. We provide assistance and hedging solutions in many commodity sectors.

    Here are just a few of the sectors Cannon Trading deals with daily:

  • Precious Metals
  • Energies
  • Grains
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • And more

  • We can set multiple accounts for separate hedging with centralized risk monitoring, giving you the tools you need to continue trading.

    Also, the Cannon Trading team can set master accounts to distribute block hedge trades to separate accounts based on tiered hedging requirements.

    Our customized, comprehensive trading solutions allow us to provide high-quality resources and platforms to our professional traders.

    The Cannon Trading team works hard to ensure that professional traders access the resources they need while trading.

    Professional Trading

    For traders looking to pursue the futures market professionally, we provide hosted solutions and assistance with varying CME memberships for our clients.

    We allow professionals to work with a personal broker to help customize the trading experience and find competitive, aggressive strategies based on your needs.

    We also offer a variety of front-end solutions, along with automated trading through the use of APIs and other protocols. Our competitive solutions for professionals have helped us establish ourselves as a leading destination for traders looking to establish themselves in the futures market.

    Foreign-Introducing Brokers

    For brokers and traders that are not United States citizens, we offer various solutions to help them grow their businesses.

    Our foreign agents have access to multiple trading platforms, which helps introduce clients to valuable resources and educational materials.

    We offer these clients all of the following services:

  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Scale-down commission structure
  • Complete online back office
  • Online risk management
  • And more

  • Our team will work hard to provide foreign-introducing brokers and their foreign agents with the resources they need to navigate the futures and commodities markets.

    Individual Traders

    Looking for individualized trading solutions and comprehensive tools to help navigate the market? Look no further than Cannon Trading. We offer various resources for individual traders to utilize.

    Our team understands that it can seem challenging to navigate the futures market independently, which our team can help.

    Our team will work closely to determine comprehensive solutions that best meet the individual traders' needs. We can help these traders get a better grasp on the market by providing them with various trading platforms to get started.

    Broker-Assisted Traders

    Working one-on-one with an experienced broker is highly recommended for both new and experienced traders. Depending on a clients' needs, we recommend individualized assistance for traders of all skill sets.

    Many people believe that broker-assisted trading only helps beginners, but this is untrue. Broker assistance can help a trader get a better grasp on a new market, all while developing personalized strategies to improve performance.

    Our clients work with a dedicated broker who will help them discuss ideas and develop new strategies for trading.

    Cannon Trading's Broker-Assisted Clients receive:

  • Fast and accurate order execution
  • Instant access to information regarding the trading account
  • Live quotes, charts, news, and research
  • Daily emails with trading levels
  • Comprehensive next-day reports
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Personalized attention for large and small investors
  • Top-rate customer service
  • The final decision on when and how to invest in the clients' choice
  • 24-hour order and customer support services
  • Discuss trading strategies that suit your lifestyle with a qualified broker

  • Managed Futures and Trading Systems

    The field of programmed trading has grown exponentially over the past decade. The significant factors to this growth include:

  • Advancing programming technology
  • Ease of access to a broadening number of future markets
  • Increased access to the internet
  • And more

  • Automated and managed futures trading is a possibility that many traders are taking full advantage of now. This type of trading takes many forms, usually too complex to evaluate or integrate into other trading platforms.

    While many brokerage services step away from these clients, Cannon Trading has a great deal of experience in this field. Our brokers have worked with these programs for years, which gives our clients an advantage in this new market. We can help guide traders with their systems, helping them select platforms and set up their services.

    About Cannon Trading

    At Cannon Trading, we focus on exceeding expectations for all of our clients. Our team focuses on speed, reliability, and superior customer service for all of our clients.

    We also want to help traders of all experience levels learn the art of commodity trading futures. Our comprehensive library of commodity and futures trading resources is unmatched, which has helped set us apart from the competition.

    For a confidential consultation on commodity trading futures online, give our team a call at 1-800-454-9572. We can also provide specific information on different futures and commodities markets to all of our clients.

    If you'd prefer to fill out our professional discount futures broker form or contact form, we would be happy to work with you. Our team will work hard to help you within one business day.

    We look forward to working with you soon!

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