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Professional Traders & Institutions

Institutional investors have specific needs and receive customized account services and special commission discounts based on trading volume. They also may qualify for discounted exchange fees.

Are You a Pro trader?

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Below you will find some of the most common types of Institutional traders. If you don't find a category which you belong to but feel that you do belong into this class of trading, we encourage you to contact us nonetheless. Among our strengths are the multiple clearing arrangements we have developed during our 27 years in the futures industry, which gives us the ability to CUSTOM FIT solutions for your specific needs.

  • Hedge funds
  • CTA's
  • Farmers and other bona fide hedgers of physical commodities
  • Hedgers of financial instruments
  • Retail clients who trade more than 5,000 contracts per month
  • Options Sellers and options spreads who need proper margins and service
  • Retail clients with accounts of over $250,000
  • PROP trading firms who have multiple traders
  • HFT - High Frequency Traders
  • Overseas trading funds
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Cannon Trading respects your privacy, all transactions are safe and secure with High-grade Encryption (AES-256, 256-bit keys). We do not sell your information to third parties.

Our Team’s Commitment to Our Institutional Clients

Over the past several decades, we have made it our mission to accommodate our professional clients. Our team dedicates itself to providing quality customer service to our clients, which has helped us stand out amongst the competition.

We offer diversified solutions for any traders' needs. We understand that the market moves quickly, so we pride ourselves on our adaptability and detailed results.

Our team is here to help professionals and traders with any questions about the trading services we offer.

What are the needs of Institutional traders?

  • Advanced trade allocation capabilities
  • FAST, reliable connection and order entry
  • Specific trading platform
  • Hosted servers by the exchanges
  • Specific back office and/or business arrangements
  • Instant, 24 hour support
  • Access to exchanges in the US and overseas
  • Ability to manage multiple traders’ RISK
  • Aggressive commissions and/or Day trading margins
  • High Quality Service
  • Industry/market-specific knowledge
  • Diversification between different clearing firms

Why is Cannon so well equipped to help you as an institutional futures trader?

  • Established in 1988
  • Multiple clearing arrangements
  • Offers 10+ trading platforms
  • Ability to custom fit back office solutions
  • Advanced trade allocation capabilities
  • Experience with the different exchange membership incentive programs such as the CME 106.R volume incentive program
  • Advanced RISK Management as well as Automatic liquidation for different set ups
  • We can offer some of the LOWEST available commission rates for High Volume Traders

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The above can only briefly describe the topic of Institutional traders and how Cannon Trading can custom fit different solutions for specific needs. For a CONFIDENTIAL consultation and/ or to request specific information, please call us at 800 454 9572 INT'L +310 859 9572 or simply fill out the form below and one of our Senior Brokers with vast knowledge of this subject will get back to you within one business day.

Professional Traders and Institutions

At Cannon Trading, we understand that institutional investors have specific needs. For these professional futures & commodities traders, we offer customized account services and special commission discounts based on trading volume.

These traders may also qualify for discounts on exchange fees. For professional traders and trading institutions interested in using our services, please reach out to us over the phone or our website.

Our brokers are available throughout the day to help our clients and customers access high-quality trading materials at any time.

Types of Professional Trading

We've listed some of the most common types of institutional trading below. For institutional traders that don't find their specialization in our list, don't worry.

We encourage these traders to contact us since our team specializes in customized trading solutions as well.

Among our various strengths, our team can custom-build trading solutions to a client's specific needs. We have over 30 years of experience and as an IIB (independent introducing broker) we have multiple clearing arrangements, which helps us craft innovative trading solutions for our clients.

Here are just a few of the professional traders we service at Cannon Trading:

  • Hedge funds
  • Commodity trading advisors (CTAs)
  • Farmers and hedgers of physical commodities
  • Hedgers of financial instruments
  • Retail clients who trade more than 5,000 contracts per month
  • Options sellers
  • Options spreads who need proper margins and service
  • Retail clients with accounts of over $250,000
  • PROP trading firms with multiple traders
  • High-Frequency Traders (HFTs)
  • Overseas trading funds
  • Foreign Brokers

  • Our team would love to come up with a custom-fit solution for any professional trader or institution. We work closely with our clients to develop innovative solutions that meet their varying needs.

    We encourage interested parties to call us today to create a plan that best fits their business and portfolio.

    What Are The Needs of Institutional Traders?

    Institutional traders have different needs than self-directed or diversified clients. At Cannon Trading, our brokers understand this concept, which is why we have a variety of comprehensive solutions designed to meet our clients' needs.

    Our institutional trader clients have access to many of our comprehensive services, which help us best assist them.

    Our institutional trader clients need:

  • Advanced trade allocation capabilities
  • Fast, reliable connection and order entry
  • A specific trading platform that meets their needs
  • Hosted servers by the exchanges
  • Specific back-office and business arrangements
  • Instant 24-hour support
  • Access to exchanges in the United States and overseas
  • Ability to manage the risk of multiple traders
  • High-quality services
  • Industry and market-specific knowledge
  • Diversification between clearing firms
  • API
  • And more

  • Institutional and professional traders need access to quality trading services at all hours of the day. We understand that these clients need access to various tools and services to efficiently and effectively trade.

    Cannon Trading strives to provide timely customer service and practical trading tools for our clients, which help them work quickly and efficiently.

    Why Cannon Trading?

    Cannon Trading has been in the futures trading business since 1988. We began offering online trading in 1998, just as the Internet was starting to see widespread use.

    Our brokers have worked in the industry online and offline, which has given us direct experience in the industry.

    Our team of experienced brokers has experience assisting clients over the phone and online, which has given us an edge over the competition over the years.

    This skill has allowed our brokers to reach a broad audience of traders, whether international, self-directed or broker-assisted traders.

    What Cannon Trading Offers Professional Traders

    For professional traders and institutions, we offer quality customer service, along with leading-edge platforms. These services will help traders save time while accessing state-of-the-art trading platforms and programs.

    We also offer custom, deep discount commission rates.

    Our diligent team works around the clock to ensure that our professional traders have access to all the materials they need.

    We understand that many of our professional traders are busy, so they need a team of brokers with experience to help them make the most of their trading journey.

    Our team provides these services efficiently and effectively while ensuring that we've met our clients' needs.

    What Can An Institutional Trader Expect From Our Team?

    It can be challenging to find a trading service that best fits your needs, especially if you are busy trading professional.

    At Cannon Trading, we believe that professional traders should have access to quality trading materials and resources.

    Institutional traders that utilize our services can access:

  • Multiple clearing arrangements
  • Over ten trading platforms
  • Custom-fit back-office solutions
  • Advanced trade allocation capabilities
  • Exchange membership incentive programs
  • Advanced risk management
  • Automatic liquidation for different setups
  • Lowest available commission rates for High-Volume Traders

  • Our team works hard to accommodate professional and institutional traders. The futures and commodities markets move fast, which our team anticipates.

    We have 24-hour customer support, which can help our traders with any questions they may have. We offer transparent, timely services, as we understand how important it is to have detailed, thorough results.

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