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Why Cannon Futures Trading Company

You and your broker will work together to achieve your trading goals. We develop long term relationships with our clients so that we can grow and improve together. In an impersonal financial world, having a good relationship with a high quality broker can make all the difference.

Cannon Trading 2016 Star Award Winner

Voted Best 2016 Website for Brokerage Services by Trader Planet

Cannon Trading Reviews

  • I have been using Cannon for a couple of month now. Before that I had a 15 year journey through the trading industry. I had "ok" brokers and I had horrible brokers, amongst them industry leaders like InteractiveBrokers and Tradestation. I went for Cannon Trading this summer because through all these years I was missing one thing - dedicated customer support. I must say that from the first contact on Cannon has by far exceeded my expectations. They respond quickly to any question and answers are very appropriate. With regard to customer service you won't find anything better than Cannon.

    by Daniel W., 9/18/2016, yelp.com/biz/cannon-trading-company-beverly-hills-2

  • In behalf of serious investors who want and expect high quality at reasonable prices, here are some important points concerning those who are dedicated to their customers and who are with the Cannon Trading Company, established in 1988. They usually pick up on the first Ring. If they don't, it's for a good reason. They are easy to understand. Very few uuhhhs and uummms. They get to the point faster than others do. (Including me.) They make words count and they appreciate it when we do too. They don't conveniently forget what they said they promised or forget what they said they were going to do. They value their words and hold themselves accountable. They don't give you a long litany of excuses when something unexpected comes up. Instead, they fix it. So here is how to work with them. Be open and honest. These guys, in their own sweet way, are tough. Fast. And pleasantly accurate. So, in turn, be nice and grateful, and be sure your requests are fair. Work with them in a way that shows you understand their contexts because-by default-they will do the same for you. When you add Trade Navigator to the mix, you will have an unbelievable software package and an out-of-this-world group of folks eager to help you achieve your own personal dreams. This is not a paid-for commercial or an ad. To set it all in a proper perspective I can put it this way: If I had to tip these people at Cannon Trading Company what they are really worth, I would have to hitch-hike home.

    by Glenn Anthony, 9/5/2016, Facebook.com/futurestrading/reviews

  • I have been with Cannon for over 18 months now and LOVE their fast, professional service! They are fast to answer phones, emails and very knowledgeable ( my contact is ex floor broker). I have two accounts with them with two different clearing houses and I do a trading system on one and trade online on the other. HIGHLY recommended!

    by Ike Dawson, 7/19/2016, Topratedfirms.com

  • I just want to say that your service is great. There has never been a time when i called that you did not get back to me in less than 5 minutes. I find this to be very valuable. thanks Nick B.

    Nick B., Elitetrader.com

  • Ilan and his supporting staff have made my trading experience a personal journey of the highest caliber. They have always been there to answer my silly questions and provide sound advice and support. I am very pleased with the customer service and support and would recommend this company to anyone; from someone considering trading commodities for the first time, to an experienced trader with years under the belt. Here's to a great 2014!

    Brent Yauchler, googleplus.com

  • Ilan is a pro's pro. He and his staff are dedicated to supporting and aiding their clients in every conceivable way. They want you to succeed and provide the tools to do just that. I've been trading on and off with them since the S and P was $500 a point back in the 1980s. This firm is the best, and I've had the pleasure of working with them.

    Eric W., yelp.com/biz/cannon-trading-company-beverly-hills-2

  • I have been using Cannon for 6 months and I absolutely love the service. Recently received a competitors commissions report and they quickly matched them without question. Also they answer their phones within 3 rings and my broker is quick to return calls or emails.

    tturner86, www.bigmiketrading.com

  • Cannon's been around for decades so all of the brokers I've spoken with are seriously knowledgeable, which I think is vital for somebody like you who is just getting into the market. My broker, John Thorpe is actually an ex-floor trader, it's pretty cool hearing his experiences. They also offer a lot more platforms... It's great to have someone as experience as John and some of their other brokers in your corner. It's nice to have the availability to pick up the phone and pick their brains on anything regarding futures and options.

    Stopnlimits, Elitetrader.com

  • Great customer service from their staffs and seasoned brokers. They have brokers there that have been in the industry for over 20 years, and their knowledge is so diverse that it doesn't matter what you are trading, one of them will be able to help you. Low Day trading margins and many futures trading platforms to choose from. Mark O'Brien is my guy there!

    Johnny Tran, googleplus.com

  • Ilan was very professional, he provides a quick answer to all my questions, explain to me on all the packages and fees, and it was a pleasure to do business with Cannon Trading. I'm definitely going to call them again. Good Experience

    David P., yelp.com/biz/cannon-trading-company-beverly-hills-2

  • When I first opened an account a few years back I was a newbie to futures w/ just $2.5k or so in my account. But since then I've come such an incredibly long way, and while a lot of it has had to do with my own determination I would be foolish not to give credit to the guy I work w/ at Cannon. He's been trading futures for something like 30 years (here's a shout out to John T. if he ever reads this), and has practically become my mentor. That's the type of brokerage this is from my experience though - even if it isn't John I'm speaking w/ my calls always get answered by extremely experienced brokers, and I'm taken care of. A lot of guys (and gals) trade like social castaways in the dark of their office w/out ever needing to speak to their broker, which is good for them, but for those of us who like to be able to call our broker and not only get a hold of somebody when we need them, but even develop a relationship with them, we need a place like Cannon. I highly recommend them and hope others have as good of an experience trading through them as I have. Feel free to PM any questions about my experience (whether related to this review or anything else futures-related).

    Trade2win, Elitetrader.com

  • I've tried many brokers, believe me!! but when I found Cannon Trading, I decided I had made it "home"! 1. $500/day margin for the ES (among others) 2. No monthly fees for the use of their platform. 3. Super fast order fills. 4. Awesome customer service! Cannon Trading, I'm so glad I found you!!

    NP E., googleplus.com

  • No B.S. They are short and to the point. No annoying and lengthy videos..

    Susan A., yelp.com/biz/cannon-trading-company-beverly-hills-2

  • Ilan Levy-Mayer is a very professional and helpful broker. He was always quick to answer and assist, and talked me through a very tough trading period for me as I was learning the ins and outs of live trading. It was very nice to work with him and look forward to it again in the future.

    Steven A., yelp.com/biz/cannon-trading-company-beverly-hills-2

  • I applied yesterday with Cannon Trading. First impression: very good. They matched my commissions plan without problems. I open up an account with Dorman+Rithmic.

    Silence Exp, www.bigmiketrading.com

  • I'm in love with Cannon Trading!!! No monthly fees for the use of their OEC platform. Super fast order fills! $500/day margin for trading the ES (among others) Excellent customer service!! If you are tired of dealing with crappy brokers, I'd totally recommend Cannon Trading!!

    Yosef R., yelp.com/biz/cannon-trading-company-beverly-hills-2

  • As a Mirus client (survivor) I spoke with a Cannon broker rep, Mark O'Brien, at Cannon last week. They offer a wide variety of data feed options to choose from. I primarily focused on the Rithmic technology for NinjaTrader which they offer and clear through Vision Financial. I was quoted a day margin of 20% of overnight, which seems to be fairly standard for IIB's clearing with Vision.

    Trendwaves, www.bigmiketrading.com

  • Cannon Trading, all the staff and my broker Ilan are very knowledgable, helpful and proffesional. I would recommend them to new and old traders alike. The commissions charged are fair and the charting packages (sierra chart) offered are the best that I have used with an unbeatable price. If you are looking for a broker that offers a wide range of markets, top notch continuing education and remembers who you are Cannon Trading is it.

    Mario C., yelp.com/biz/cannon-trading-company-beverly-hills-2

  • As a longtime Mirus customer I was also hit with the Zenfire issue, and the unprofessional way Mirus has dealt with this situation. I have since made extensive inquiries as to a suitable and reliable broker together with good clearing houses (I am with RCG), as well as offering of different solution to go with Ninja Trader. I have come up with Canon Trading Company which seems to be able to comply with the strict condition I am looking for together with a wide range of options. I am putting this forward here as there still maybe many of you who are searching. I found them to be very professional, polite and efficient together with all the options as above. They have been in business since 1988, offer all possible datafeeds to Ninja as well as 10+ other platforms.

    Perry Q., www.bigmiketrading.com

Experience Matters infographic_map
I have experience in the futures industry from many different angles. Starting on the floor of the Chicago Board of the Trade to trading on the electronic screen and In Charge of Margin and Risk for a fortune 500 company to working as a broker for Cannon trading. I can tell my clients whole heartedly that our business here at Cannon is to assist you the trader when needs arise. We don't call anyone who is not interested in trading. We do Not make recommendations if one is not interested. We follow the markets, the industry and are here to aid our clients from simple issues such as; How to place a trailing stop, How to trade real time market information updates ;Weekly releases, Monthly Reports , etc.,. to Complex Option strategies and presenting Managed account trading solutions . I have many clients who transferred from other firms and they tell me unilaterally “Your quality of support and experience is unmatched “ I have always put the client first.

John D. Thorpe – Cannon Trading Broker Since 2002
Former Chicago Board of Trade Trader
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Pick A Platform Commissions and Margins

Where do you fit on the trading spectrum?  With 10+ Platforms and 5 Clearing Houses we help you build an experience that allows you to trade comfortably. Beginner & Advanced
Not all traders have the same needs.  Not all platforms fit all traders.  Some clients look to actively day-trade, others may need advanced spreading capabilities while others may need advanced charting or sophisticated order entry.  Cannon Trading has one of the WIDEST selections of trading platforms available.
While our commissions are among the most competitive in the industry, our services are never compromised.  Whether you are high volume trader or a low volume trader, we will meet your needs with the high quality of service and dependable platforms we offer.

We recommend sharing your trading needs with us.  We would like to hear about your trading experience, style, and behavior.  Inform us of your risk capital and special trading needs, such as a specific trading platform or markets you want to trade.  Call us at (800) 454-9572 or fill out your Trader’s Profile to get started!


Commissions as low as $0.45/side*

“I have a good relationship with my broker, which is critical, likely the most important aspect of trading, above commission or speed of execution”

Cannon Trading Company, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Commodity Broker in Beverly Hills, CA

The trading results on the demo accounts do not include commissions, exchange fees and N.F.A fees that you are going to get charged on your real account. You should also consider that certain fills you would get on a "demo" account might not reflect the same result on a live market action. Demo accounts use hypothetical money and don’t have the emotional impacts of real money. This demo is designed as an introduction to using the platform; it is not intended to mimic trading results in a live trading environment.

Cannon Trading respects your privacy, all transactions are safe and secure with High-grade Encryption (AES-256, 256-bit keys). We do not sell your information to third parties.

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