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Small Exchange

Futures That Don't Look Like Futures Sick of tying up all your money? Skip the stocks. Trade the Smalls: a new kind of product that pairs the efficiency of futures with the clarity of stocks.


A New Way to Trade Equities, Commodities & Forex!

Gain exposure to popular markets with standardized tick values and expiration dates on the Small Exchange. This brand new exchange joins the benefits of trading futures like capital efficiency, with the accessibility of the stock market. Learn why Smalls are a simple yet exciting addition to your trading plan.

Available Products on The Small Exchange

Small Stocks 75 | SM75

Small Stocks 75 tracks millions of data points across the five major stock sectors to give you a truly active stock market.

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Small Precious Metals | SPRE

Small Precious Metals blends the most popular metals so you won’t miss the fashionable trade in such a dynamic market.

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Small US Dollar | SFX

Small US Dollar is priced directly to USD so you won’t need conversions when trading foreign exchange.

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Product - Small Treasury Yield

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Small Exchange STIX 60

It consists of 60 stocks that represent the technology sector, with 4 distinct sub sectors - information, retail, media, biology - contributing 15 stocks each. The Index favors large, liquid stocks, and it gives each constituent a relatively equal weighting to promote diversification and a more exhaustive view of the technology market. Contract specs are in line with our existing product suite with $1 ticks, uniform expirations, and cash settlement.

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Exchange Explainer Video
Product - Small Stocks 75
Product - Small US Dollar
Product - Small Precious Metals
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Practical - Picking the Right Product
Practical - Risk Management & Pairs Trading

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