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FREE Commodities Futures Trading Tools, Educational Resources and Articles

Browse our FREE commodity futures trading tools, trials, articles and other valuable educational resources for any commodity and futures trader.

Commodity Futures Trading Tools & Resources

At Cannon Trading, we place great emphasis on trader education. We believe having access to insightful information and good tools is crucial for successful online commodity futures trading. As such, we've curated a variety of Commodity Futures trading tools and educational resources such as quotes and charts to help our traders gain an in-depth understanding of the trade execution and decision making process involved in commodities futures trading. Whether you’re a novice in online commodity trading, or a seasoned trader, we have a comprehensive set of educational resources, tools and software to help you meet your trading goals.

Futures Quotes & Charts

Access the latest trading quotes and charts on futures, complete with the open, high, low and rise/ fall numbers for easy analysis.


Futures Trading Glossary

These are the terms that are most commonly used in our trading room.

Listed in alphabetical order, these terms are not all inclusive but do represent those that are most commonly used. If you cannot find the term you are looking for or have comments about the terms, please let us know.

Move your pointer over the letter and click to take you directly to that alphabetical category.

Visit Trading Glossary Page.


Education and Added Value

Additional services at Cannon Futures include daily support and resistance levels, live alerts for breaking news, customized technical analysis on demand for all futures contracts, educational webinars, and many more.

  • Commodity Future Trading Tools
  • Market Information
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    Support & Resistance Levels

    This section provides outlook for different futures and commodities market news, and support and resistance levels for currencies, gold futures trading, crude oil futures, etc. It also includes expert advice and day trading learnings from Ilan Levy-Mayer, Vice President, Cannon Trading.


    Intraday Signals

    Learn from the expert! Ilan Levy-Mayer shares his learnings and experiences in commodity futures trading through webinars. See his trading charts and trading signals real-time; and learn from his experience to gain more from your trading.


    Financial Stability

    What is your commodity broker's background?

    Our online brokers have been in the commodity futures trading business for as many as 20 years, from working the floor to being among the first to specialize in online trading. They have the experience and the know-how to help you with virtually any aspect of trading.



    How long has your commodity broker been in business? Will he be there when needed? Does he have a record you can trust?

    Cannon Trading has been in business since 1988, received several customer service awards, and has maintained its good standing with the NFA and CFTC since its conception.


    Software Choice

    Most commodity brokers will work with one FCM and one or two platforms; but the more complex nature of commodity futures suggests that for different type of traders, different platforms are more suitable.

    Cannon Trading offers your choice of more than 10 commodity futures trading platforms. Not sure which platform is right for you? Our experienced online futures brokers can help you find the best fit. Give them a call at 310-859-9572.



    The Cannon Team provides excellent customer service while offering some of the lowest rates available.

    Whether you are a high volume trader or a low volume trader, we will meet your needs with the high quality of service and dependable platforms we offer. Every client enjoys the opportunity to a special discount commission rate.


    Daily Research

    Sign up to get the latest feeds and updates on commodities and futures from JS Services Price Map reports delivered directly to your inbox.


    News Feed

    Sign in to access daily audio clips on news that has had the futures and commodities market moving. Experienced analysts dig into daily market news to make available facts and figures that are of meaning to the trade only, in the form of technical analysis, videos, research, and scrolling news.


    Trading Advice

    This section bring together in-depth information on everything that a commodity futures trader should know for successful trading. Compiled by our team, this section offers valuable advice and guidance to the commodity futures trading markets.


    Contract Specifications

    This section is created to provide traders with a brief history, current prices, trading volumes, contract specifications, and settlements of Crude Oil, E-Mini S&P 500, Eurodollar, T-Bond, E-Mini Dow Jones, E-Mini NASDAQ 100, U.S. Dollar Index, Wheat, Silver Futures, Copper Futures, among others.


    In addition to these commodity futures trading educational resources, we also have seasoned brokers to help you out. With decades of combined experience in futures and commodity trading, our brokers can guide you with the information, advice, and resources you need for your trading. To speak to one of our brokers at Cannon Trading, call us at 1-800-454-9572.


    Cannon Trading respects your privacy, all transactions are safe and secure with High-grade Encryption (AES-256, 256-bit keys). We do not sell your information to third parties.

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