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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cannon Trading offer educational material that can assist me in my self-directed futures trading?

Indeed, we are very proud to offer an extensive library of online educational material to assist our clients in reaching their trading goals.

Here is where some of our educational material can be found; Feel free contact us to discuss even more educational resources that we can offer.


Where can I find out information about the various Futures contracts traded? I would like to know, for instance the size of the contract and the minimum fluctuation or tick?

On the CannonTrading.com website, go to the "Education" tab near the top of the main page and select "Futures Contract Specifications".


What is the difference between trading currency futures and FOREX (Foreign Exchange)?

With currency futures, the price is determined when the contract is signed and the currency pair is exchanged on the delivery date, which is usually sometime in the distant future.

In the FOREX, the price is also determined at the point of trade, but the physical exchange of the currency pair takes place right at the point of trade or within a short period of time thereafter and there is no expiration date or delivery date with FOREX currency pairs.

However, it is important to note that most participants in the futures markets are speculators who usually close out their positions before the date of settlement and, therefore, most contracts do not tend to last until the date of delivery.

Is there any trading platform that offers both currency futures and FOREX (Foreign Exchange)?

Yes, E-Futures international trading platform offers both currency futures and FOREX.

What is there to know about initial margin and day margin?

Initial margin is set by the exchange, day margin is set by the Broker. All Traders need to meet full margin going into the Globex close per market. For example the ES (S&P mini) close is 5:00 pm eastern

Where can I find day trading and initial margin requirements on your website?

You can find day and initial margin requirements for ALL markets here:

http://www.e-futures.com/margin-requirements.php OR https://ibportal.gainfutures.com/Margins?WLID=20

If I am a self-directed trader, will I still have access to a broker or a trade desk if I have a problem?

Once you have a live account, you will be provided with contact information for your broker and a trade desk, you will never be have to rely just on email correspondence, particularly if you are trying to manage risk.

I have not traded futures before, which platform should I choose?

Cannon Trading offers 5 different Futures Commission Merchant (FCMs) to choose from, our clients have over twenty different trading platforms to choose from. If you have not traded futures before, one of our most popular trading platforms is the E-Futures International. This platform supports a full range of order types, real time charts, Depth of Market (DOM) and option chain with many different indicators at no cost.

Does Cannon Trading offer platforms with any inactivity fees?

Yes, most of our platforms do not charge inactivity fees. Our FireTip platform, Sierra Charts platform, CQG, Rithmic, CT4, etc. all do not charge inactivity fees. Please contact your broker today to make sure the platform ( Clearing House) you are using does not charge an inactivity fee.

What types of Data Feeds are supported by Cannon Trading?

  • CQG
  • Rithmic
  • Gain Capital (OEC)
  • iQFeed
  • TransAct
  • Patsystems

At Cannon Trading, is it possible to have a self-directed and managed futures account configuration at the same time?

Yes, absolutely; this is a popular account configuration with many of our traders/clients. Many of our clients consider managed futures/automated trading system(s) to be nice compliments to their self-directed trading.

A professional broker here at Cannon Trading can guide you through the process of setting up a similar main account/sub-account(s) configuration.

In viewing the managed and automated trading systems that Cannon Trading offers, what are the key factors to consider when deciding on which potential programs to add to my portfolio?

Your licensed Cannon Trading professional can discuss with you the potential risks and rewards of adding any particular managed futures/automated program(s) to your portfolio.

Your broker can ascertain your risk appetite and investment goals after consultation with you. In the opinion of many professionals in the futures industry, there are indeed certain key focus points that can potentially carry heavier weight when reviewing/considering futures investment programs and alternative investments in general.

Where are my funds kept and how soon can I get funds sent?

Your funds are deposited into a "segregated" account, in your name, at the bank that your FCM uses. Since the account is segregated, and the funds are not coming led with the FCM's funds, any excess margin will go out the same day they are requested as long as request received before 12:00PM EST.

LINK to safety of funds booklet?

Can I open an IRA Account to trade futures?

Yes, you can. We Offer several different Custodians and the following types of Individual Retirement Account structures, An Individual IRA, A Roth IRA, A Sep IRA, A Simple IRA, a Rollover 401K, a Solo K Plan, and if you don't see the structure you are interested in please call one of our professionals at Cannon to identify the account that is best for you.

Who should consider a self-directed IRA?

Anyone who wants to take control of his/her retirement investments, or who is unhappy with their current retirement plan returns, should consider a self-directed account. Most typical IRA custodians (like banks and brokerage firms) only allow you to invest in the products they sell. These include more "traditional" investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Non-traditional or alternative investments commonly acquired with self-directed IRAs are not widely known because the majority of IRA custodians do not offer these assets as investment options, so they do not promote them. The IRS permits investments into a wide variety of assets, but each custodian decides which assets it is willing to hold and self-direct their retirement accounts.

Alternative investments permitted within a self-directed IRA include:

  • Real estate
  • Notes and mortgages
  • Partnerships/LLCs
  • Private placements and private stock
  • Single-member LLCs (checkbook IRAs)
  • Futures and foreign exchange (forex) trading
  • Precious metals and more

Can I trade Futures and Options in an IRA?

Yes, in a Self-Directed IRA.

Does the "Pattern Day Trading" rule apply to futures trading?

No it does not. You can day-trade as many contracts as you have the margin for in your Live futures trading account.

Which markets are the best for day trading?

Best would be determined by your risk appetite. Currencies, Metals, and Energies on average move faster or with more volatility than Financials, Indices, Grains, Meats, and Softs. Of course, the latter halves are still very leveraged and can be extremely volatile especially during major financial reports. Additionally markets like Grains, Meats and Softs and others all have limit move days.

What is a limit move?

Limits are set by the exchange and are modified regularly. When a market has a set limit for a day the price cannot trade beyond that price. (Difference between the previous day's close and limit value). These limits can be obtained through http://www.cmegroup.com/

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