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Futures Day Trading 101

Learn about the life cycle that can lead to consistent, successful trading: education, survival, learning your set ups, feeling confident as a trader, and avoiding beginner and advanced mistakes.

Our guide to the basics of Day Trading Futures

One advantage a good broker can offer is the benefit of observing many other traders.

Ilan Levy-Mayer of Cannon Trading does exactly that. In Day Trading 101, Ilan shares with you what he has found to be the key ingredients for successful day trading of futures based on his service and assistance to many different traders over the years.

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What You Will Learn

  • Simple money management rules and techniques to help you implement these rules
  • Preparing for the trading day
  • Using the DMI indicator along with pivot lines for intraday triggers
  • How to avoid fighting a trending market
  • Filtering out the noise during a choppy session
  • See how it all comes together with examples of successful traders and the techniques they use

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