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President's Welcome Letter

From Mike Levy, President of Cannon Futures Trading - a leading futures brokerage proudly serving our clients for over 25 years.

President Letter to Our Futures Clients:

Welcome Message Video from Cannon Trading's President:

My name is Mike Levy, I am the President and co-founder of Cannon Trading Company, Inc. I would like to thank you for visiting our online home here at Cannon Trading.  I know that there are many brokerage firms out there and I’m pleased and honored that you’re taking the time to research our firm and to find out what I have to offer. Welcome!                  

Cannon Trading was established in 1988 and is celebrating its silver anniversary this year after 25 successful years of doing business. We have weathered quite a few global financial storms over the years – and a few national ones, as well - but our foundation is solid and we have remained in the same location in Beverly Hills, California, for our entire time in business. Over the course of that time, Cannon Trading has had many opportunities to shift its business model away from being an independent introducing brokerage firm. But, whenever those occasions arose, we chose to continue doing business our chosen way – one we believe is still in the best interest of the customer.

Like commodities trading, Cannon Trading has also grown exponentially over the years. Today, our range of services includes a global connection to the world's commodities futures & foreign exchanges. We now clear our clients' trades through five major clearing houses. Our clients have a choice between several of the industry's top-of-the-line trading platforms and experienced professional brokers.

Our business model has been and always will be based on giving our clients the resources they need; whether that is providing a large variety of trading platform options to suit their needs, or bringing competitive trade pricing to retail and institutional traders. Our diversification between multiple Futures Commission Merchants helps us provide our clients with an impressive variety of products and choices.

In addition, we employ licensed brokers who have been in the industry for as many as 30 years to ensure top-quality services.

Give it a try, call in and one of my brokers will pick up the phone within a few rings and be ready and able to place trades for our clients or answer prospect who inquires about our services.

There is no need to call a “customer service” desk, an accounting department, or a new accounts desk, only a team, in my opinion, of well-qualified brokers capable of handling all of those tasks even if your personal broker here is out of the office. That is what Cannon Trading has hung its hat on for the past quarter-century: the kind of customer service that this industry was founded on in the first place. In an age of electronic trading the service of having a personal broker is lost on most firms, but it has kept us going strong all these years.

Of course service in itself is not enough. Throughout the past 25 years I have ensured that Cannon Trading has always been at the forefront of the industry through technological advancements of electronic trading platforms, practical and responsible business relationships as the commodities and futures landscape has evolved, and presentations like our webinars to ensure our clients are considering different investment methods and options for their trading.

As the industry has changed, Cannon has always been mindful of the evolving environment and has always kept customer interests in mind. My team of brokers looks forward to working with you and finding out whether the futures trading landscape is something that will work for you.

Based on my early needs as a trader, I consistently try to make Cannon Futures a place where the client/trader and broker work together as a team to assist you in any way possible.

The result is a unique and progressive infrastructure that enables us to meet the varied needs of our clients with tailored service and execution.

I am proud to say that Cannon Futures has won a Customer Service Finalist of 2003 Readers Choice Award, and our brokers have been quoted in several magazines.  We are a proud member of the NFA and CFTC since 1988.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website and take advantage of many of the free offers and educational tools we provide.

Good Trading!

Mike Levy

President & Founder

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