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Essentials of Order Flow When Trading Futures

As a trader, you will learn about order flow, footprints, market profile, time & sales, DOM and more!

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Essentails of Order Flow

“You Must Understand That There Is More Than One Path To The Top Of The Mountain.”- Miyamoto Musashi, A Book Of Five Rings: The Classic Guide To Strategy

Order Flow has been presented as a mystique to potential Traders as well as seasoned Traders. In many cases it is assumed to be an insanely difficult concept to understand. Order Flow is, at its core, the transaction between a Buyer and a Seller. As a Veteran Trader using Order Flow to base my decisions, I can say that order flow is the very core of any market.

In this “Essentails of Order Flow” FREE booklet you will learn:

  • What is order flow?
  • Volume by Price
  • Footprint
  • Time & Sales
  • DOM
  • Tying it all together
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