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Educational Videos 3.14.2018

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Rollover Notice 

We are now trading June indices as well as June financials.

  • ESM8
  • NQM8
  • RTYM8
  • YMM8
  • ZBM8 ( bonds)

Currencies will rollover to June starting this week, monitor volume and I like to trade the month with the highest volume BUT regardless by Friday I will start trading June currencies.

Educational Videos

by: Cannon Trading Brokers

Cannon Trading is happy to share with you a few videos focusing on trading techniques, ideas and tools you can add to your trading arsenal. In this week’s newsletter we are sharing the following 3 videos, about 5 minutes each, ready for immediate viewing on the following topics:

  1. Identifying Support And Resistance Using A Line Chart.
  2. Finding Levels of Support Resistance
  3. Day Trading crude oil futures using fear and greed….

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Video Center! 4.06.2017

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Voted #1 Blog and #1 Brokerage Services on TraderPlanet  for 2016!! 


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