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Why Bitcoin is Becoming a Real Player

December 19th, 2017 Filed under Bitcoin Futures | Comment (0)

The weekend of December 16-17, 2017 saw new highs in the bitcoin futures index. Is it a bubble? CNN’s Daniel Shane said bitcoin futures trading “just got a whole lot bigger.” As the bubble got bigger, the warnings got louder.

The involvement of top financial institutions in the bitcoin market underscores its growing mainstream acceptance even as government officials, business leaders, and economists continue to warn people against investing in it.  -Daniel Shane

Bitcoin value dropped about $1,000 between December 16-17, and bitcoin cash soared to a record high then lost half its value within that 24-hour period. Taking an average from several exchanges, CME bitcoins futures index must be traded in blocks of five. Opening trades in bitcoin futures on a reputable exchange could calm the nervous bitcoin value volatility. The New York Nasdaq is anticipated to offer bitcoin futures trading in 2018.

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