Futures Trading Platform

Futures Trading Platform

How to Choose Best Futures Trading Platform? – Trading Levels Oct 6th, 2017

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Choosing the Best Futures Trading Platform:

Charts are a trader’s best friend, so good charting is a must when deciding what platform to use. After that it depends on style. If you are a day trader you need the ability to trade with one click, because you are trying to capture quick moves in the market. If you are holding for a period of days this is obviously less important. Everyone should have risk management in their trades, so having a platform that allows you to place stop orders the way you like, (limit, market, trailing, OCO’s) is extremely important. Finally, if you are trading multiple markets, or just watching other markets that effect the one you are trading, having the ability to have multiple charts and DOMs on one screen is nice. Everyone has different style and nuances to trading, so finding what works for you will help make the experience much more enjoyable.

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Cannon Trading Releases New Futures Trading Platform, Shogun Trade Executor 7.09.2014

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Cannon Trading Releases New Futures Trading Platform, Shogun Trade Executor™

Cannon Trading launches Shogun Trade Executor™, a futures platform that provides a cutting edge experience for futures traders and combines 25 years of experience into a simple trading platform. Set apart by its access to unfiltered data and statistical analysis, Shogun Trade Executor™ is the perfect program for traders who want to improve their game.

Beverly Hills, California (PRWEB) July 08, 2014


Cannon Trading Co, Inc., an Independent Introducing Brokerage firm, is releasing its latest futures trading software, Shogun Trade Executer,™ a trading platform tailored to provide the most cutting edge user experience for futures traders.

The new software allows traders to benefit from the company’s 25 years of experience and compiles a user-interface that is both intuitive and highly functional. What separates Shogun Trade Executor™ from the other platforms lies in a few different levels of trading mechanics.

“Besides single click orders, Shogun Trade Executor™ offers tools to help the trader regulate himself and observe his statistics. With an implemented daily loss limit, a trader can now stay disciplined and set daily loss limits to protect profits and/ or limit losses for any given day, directly from the platform,” says Mike Levy, President, Cannon Trading.

“At the end of the day, users can study themselves as traders and observe their own individual trading statistics. Shogun Trade Executor™ provides free charting with over 100 technical indicators, trading algorithms, and unfiltered historical data,” he adds.

These are just some of the features that separate Shogun Trade Executor™ from other platforms. For more information and to actually try it out, traders can start with no cost Demo version.

As the industry has changed, Cannon has always been mindful of the evolving environment and has always kept customer interests in mind. The brokers at Cannon Trading look forward to finding out whether the futures trading landscape is something that will work for customers.

Cannon Trading has consistently tried to be a place where the traders and brokers work together as a team to assist clients in any way possible.

The result is a unique and progressive infrastructure that enables them to meet the varied needs of our clients with tailored services and execution.

Cannon Trading Company has won a Customer Service Finalist of 2003 Readers Choice Award, and the brokers have been quoted in SFO, Futures Magazine and Bloomberg. The Company is a proud member of the NFA andCFTC since 1988.

Visit the website and take advantage of many of the offers and educational tools.

Good Trading

Contact Details:
Name: Cannon Trading Co, Inc.
Email-id: info(at)cannontrading(dot)com
Address: 9301 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 515 Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone Number: (800)-454-9572
Website: https://www.cannontrading.com


ROLLOVER + Futures Trading Levels & Economic Reports 12.12.2013

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1. Market Commentary
2. Futures Support and Resistance Levels – S&P, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Russell 2000, Dollar Index
3. Commodities Support and Resistance Levels – Gold, Euro, Crude Oil, T-Bonds
4. Commodities Support and Resistance Levels – Corn, Wheat, Beans, Silver
5. Futures Economic Reports for Thursday December 12, 2013

Hello Traders,

For 2013 I would like to wish all of you discipline and patience in your trading! 

Rollover Notice for Stock Index Futures

Important Notice: For those of you trading any stock index futures contracts, i.e., the E-mini S&P, E-mini NASDAQ, E-mini Dow Jones, the “Big” pit-traded S&P 500, etc., it is extremely important to remember that tomorrow, Thursday, December 12th, is rollover day.

Starting December13th, the March 2014 futures contracts will be the front month contracts. It is recommended that all new positions be placed in the March 2014 contract as of December 13th. Volume in the December 13 contracts will begin to drop off until its expiration on Friday December 20th.

The month code for March is H4.

Traders with electronic trading software should make sure that defaults reflect the proper contract as of Thursday morning.

Please close any open December Currency positions by the close on Friday the 13th.Should you have any further question please contact your broker.

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Choosing Your Futures Broker: Five Straightforward Measurements

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Whether you’re planning to open a self-directed futures account, or one where a broker supports the trading of your account – in some large or small way – there are several important factors you should consider when you decide to open an account and start trading. Everything a brokerage firm offers – or doesn’t offer – comes at price. Typically that price is boiled down and quoted in terms of what’s charged when you make a trade – commissions and exchange fees – and maybe a short list of other costs. But choosing a futures broker by simply comparing the “bottom line” of commissions can be hazardous to your trading.

Benjamin Graham, an influential economist and professional investor, is credited with saying, “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” Because the dollars and cents a brokerage firm charges typically provides for a wider range of services – beyond just trade execution – it’s important you know what those services include, and if they’re important to you or not.

Whether you decide to utilize a discount futures broker or perhaps a full service commodity trading broker, the content below should help you create a guide and understanding to choosing the right futures trading broker for your trading needs and style.

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