Getting Started with Futures Trading

Getting Started with Futures Trading

How Do I Get Started Trading Futures?

June 22nd, 2013 Filed under Commodity Brokers, Commodity Trading, Future Trading Platform, Futures Broker, Futures Trading, Trading Guide | Comments Off on How Do I Get Started Trading Futures?

So you’ve come this far. You’ve evaluated different vehicles of investment, and you have decided to expand your portfolio to include commodity futures. Now what? You are going to need a few tools at your disposal: a knowledgeable commodity broker that is quick on their feet, a reliable, efficient platform that will get you the information you require and executes your trades on a timely basis, and perhaps most importantly a plan.

Let’s begin with the most important requirement: because futures are so highly, there’s no doubt it can be a very risky asset class and you should only be trading with “risk capital”, or money that you can stand to lose and won’t affect your lifestyle if you do. Once you’ve accumulated your risk capital and you’ve come to terms with the nature of trading futures, you can take matters a step further by doing research on what kind of trader you want to be.

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Entering into Futures Trading

June 19th, 2013 Filed under Commodity Brokers, Commodity Trading, Futures Broker, Futures Trading, Trading Guide | Comments Off on Entering into Futures Trading

Futures trading can be a rewarding investment for those with an in-depth understanding of a particular commodity. In essence, you will be buying or selling a commodity based on its future selling price. For example, if you can buy a futures contract at a low rate and sell it for a higher price, it’s possible to gain a significant profit in the transaction. But before wading into this highly speculative market, there are some things you will need to do and know about trading futures markets.

First, you will need to enter an agreement and create an account with a commodities broker. These brokers are licensed professionals who are allowed to trade in commodities on the trading floor of an exchange. Accordingly, they manage and mediate futures trading between buyers and sellers as well as keep track of the prices of futures contracts. Because of their knowledge of the market, they can help you make sound investments and recommend an investment strategy that suits your profile.

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