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Download Critical Trading Lessons | Support and Resistance Levels

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In this post:

1. Market Commentary
2. Support and Resistance Levels

1. Market Commentary

Download 14 Critical Lessons Every Trader Should Know

Dear Trader,

You know how difficult it can be to successfully trade the markets. The volatility we’ve seen lately does offer great opportunities, but it can also derail even the most experienced trader. That’s why our friends at Elliott Wave International are releasing one of their most popular trading eBooks — The Best of Trader’s Classroom — free through November 7.

Since 1999, EWI Senior Analyst and trading instructor Jeffrey Kennedy has produced dozens of exclusive Trader’s Classroom lessons for his subscribers. EWI reviewed over 100 lessons and selected the 14 which offer the most critical information that every trader should know.

Now you can download these valuable lessons in their 45-page Best of Trader’s Classroom eBook, free.

You’ll learn:
Why Emotional Discipline Is Key to Success
When to Place a Trade
How to Set Protective Stops
What It Takes to be a Consistently Successful Trader
And 10 more!

Download Your Free Best of Trader’s Classroom eBook Today.
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Last Trading Day of September | Support and Resistance Levels

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In this post:

1. Market Commentary
2. Support and Resistance Levels
3. Economic Reports

1. Market Commentary

Last trading day of the month is upon us and for October I would like to wish everyone a month full of trading patience, of wise money management, of disciplined trading and “picky” trades.

If you will be able to control yourself and implement what I mentioned above, it should be a successful trading month! Read the rest of this entry »

8 Steps to Successful Futures Day Trading February 2, 2011

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Download and read our guide which outlines some important futures day trading concepts. It may be beneficial to read this guide before trading commodities on the futures market.

My name is Ilan Levy-Mayer and I am the Vice President and Senior Futures Broker at Cannon Trading. I came up with the following personal observations after servingone must keep in mind that futures trading is risky and can involve significant losses.

1. Education

Hopefully if you are already trading you have completed your initial education: contract specs, trading hours, futures brokers, platforms, the opportunities as well as the risk and need to use risk capital in futures, and so on. Understanding this information is essential to futures trading. The second type of education is ongoing: learning about trading techniques, the evolution of futures markets, different trading tools, and more.

2. Find a System

I am definitely not advising you to go on the web and subscribe to a “black box” system (using buy/sell triggers if don’t know why they are being generated). What I am advising is developing a trading technique: a general set of rules and a trading concept. As you progress, you may want to put the different rules and indicators into a computerized system, but the most important factor is to have a focus and a plan. Don’t just wake up in the morning and trade “blank.”

3. Survival

This is the key! Do what you need to do in order to survive this brutal business and give yourself the chance of being here down the road with more experience and a better chance of success. Survival is probably the biggest key for beginning traders. There is a saying in this business: “live to trade another day.” It is so true!

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Daily Support & Resistance and Economic Data to be Released, October 21th 2010

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Daily Support & Résistance Levels Mini-S&P 500 Futures
Dec. 10
Mini-Nasdaq 100 Futures
Dec. 10
Mini-Dow Futures
Dec. 10
Mini Russell 2000 Futures
30-year US Bond Futures
Dec. 10
10-Year US Note
Futures Dec. 10
Support 3 1166.00 2071.00 10964 695.30 13119 12602
Support 2 1172.25 2082.00 11028 699.90 13204 12616
Support 1 1176.00 2090.00 11064 702.50 13213 12621
Resistance 1 1182.25 2102.00 11132 707.30 13230 12707.5
Resistance 2 1188.25 2118.00 11154 711.70 13303 12714
Resistance 3 1196.75 2133.00 11213 719.70zb 13320 12722
Daily Support & Resistance Levels
Gold Futures
Silver Futures
Dec. 2010
Copper Futures
Dec. 2010
Crude Oil Futures
Nov. 2010
Euro Curr.
Dec. 2010
Dollar Index
Dec. 2010
Support 3 1297.0 23.27 3.766 79.90 1.3867 76.33
Support 2 1319.0 23.57 3.793 80.97 1.3909 76.75
Support 1 1328.0 23.76 3.810 81.63 1.3956 77.21
Resistance 1 1343.0 23.91 3.836 82.49 1.4042 77.65
Resistance 2 1351.0 24.11 3.868 83.10 1.4100 77.84
Resistance 3 1358.0 24.31 3.880 85.10 1.4156 78.02

Updated: 21-Oct-10 08:30 ET

This Week’s Calendar

Click on a “Release” for Insight

Date ET Release For Actual Consensus Prior Revised From
Oct 21 08:30 Initial Claims 10/16 452K 450K 455K 475K 462K
Oct 21 08:30 Continuing Claims 10/09 94441K 4450K 4400K 4450K 4399K
Oct 21 08:30 Leading Indicators Sep NA 0.3% 0.3% 0.3%
Oct 21 08:30 Philadelphia Fed Oct NA 1.5 1.4 -0.7

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