What Makes Gold Move? – Resistance Levels 5.29.2018

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Dear Traders,

What are the Best Approaches for Long-Term Gold Futures Price Forecasting?

Author: Mark O’Brien, Senior Broker at Cannon Trading Co, Inc.

There is no easy answer to what the best strategy is to predicting price movement in gold futures, much less any other commodity. Given that rather glum starting point, there are approaches that analysts and economists use to forecast prices. One most commonly employed is the use of broad-based commodity indexes – in which prices of food, energy, other metals, lumber, etc. are aggregated to gauge overall commodity price inflation – or the lack thereof.

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Getting Stopped Out on the Highs and Lows? Read This Article….11-18-2016

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Dear Traders,

Many of you shared with me how frustrated you get when you get stopped out only to see the market goes back to where you wanted it to or positioned for….

This article by my colleague John Thorpe, talks about using weekly mini SP 500 options and can be applied to  gold, bonds, crude oil and other markets that have weekly options.  Must read.

Weekly Mini S&P option contracts

There are 100’s of indicators available to traders to assist with decision making that can be applied to technical analysis, which is precisely the reason to utilize a sound and inexpensive weekly ES strategy to compliment a day trading strategy.

There are two main uses for the Weekly options
  1. As a hedge, no need for stops
  2. As a pure speculation. A relatively inexpensive way to speculate on market direction in a time frame that can be for minutes, hours or a few days without the need to use stops.

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Moves in the Futures Indices, Crude Oil & Gold, Economic Reports & Levels 10.16.2014

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Hello Traders,

For 2014 I would like to wish all of you discipline and patience in your trading!

 I may sound like I keep repeating myself but make sure you are adapting to the different market conditions we are seeing compared to a month ago or so.

There is much higher volatility, speed of price change and wider ranges.

Moves today in bonds, S&P, Russell, Crude, Gold and many other markets were very sharp, fast and powerful. This obviously presents both risks and opportunities but for newcomers – mostly risk.

This is a good day to keep notes on in your journal. What caused the price action? What type of “bands” did the market have? How did you do as a trader? What can you do better and learn from for the next “Wild, crazy” day which may even happen tomorrow?


The biggest advice I can give on days like today is to make sure you don’t lose it….make sure you know what your daily loss limit is and step away if it gets triggered. This is one of those days where I have seen traders blow their whole account up…..So just make sure you live to trade another day!


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