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In simple terms, a currency futures contract is a futures contract where you agree to exchange one currency for another, on a specified date at a price that is fixed on the date when the contract is purchased.

Having been around since the 1970s, currency futures are counted as medium to high risk contracts. One thing worth knowing about forex is that they are not traded on a centralized exchange, futures currencies however do and that is an advantage for traders in our opinion. Now, in order to bring down the risk of trading currency futures, one can rely on hedging. This blog archive on currency future lists a number of write-ups on currency futures and hedge funds.

At Cannon Trading, we can help you with all that you need to know about currency futures trading. Our professional team educates and assists you in dealing with tricky trade situations. Please do read the informative articles that have been listed under this category.

Australian Dollar Chart & Economic Reports 11.18.2014

November 17th, 2014 Filed under Currency Futures, Future Trading News | Comment (0)

Hello Traders,

For 2014 I would like to wish all of you discipline and patience in your trading!

Hello Traders,

 In the past I shared some markets I like to look at for day trading opportunities when stock index futures are in dead/ manipulated periods….Today I would like to talk a little about the currency futures markets. I personally prefer currency futures over FOREX any day. More than a few reasons but the main ones are: currency futures trade on one, regulated main exchange ( CME) while FOREX trades through different inter banks and other means of transactions that are not necessarily regulated.FOREX are “commission free” but in reality there is a spread built in that dealer marks up each time you buy or sell which makes FOREX more expensive than futures.

The main ones I like to follow are:

The Euro , The Yen, The British Pound, The Australian. All are paired versus the US$.

Each market will have different times of higher volume which can allow for traders in all time zones to pick their market. Simply open an hourly chart, like the example I am showing below of the Australian $ and add the volume indicator to observe what times the market has the most action.

  • 1 Euro tick is $12.50
  • 1 Yen tick is $12.50
  • 1 Aussie tick is $10
  • 1 British tick is $6.25
  • 1 Canadian Dollar tick is $10

Currency futures will often trend better than other segments and will experience different levels of volatility during economic reports in the different parts of the world.

If you plan on following any currencies, start in demo mode, know what reports are coming that affect the specific currency you are trading, take a look at the daily, weekly charts to get a feel and monitor the action for a while.

Any questions and I will be happy to assist.

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Futures Trading Levels & Economic Reports 9.24.2014

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Hello Traders,

For 2014 I would like to wish all of you discipline and patience in your trading!

After a frustrating trading day, I read this one again and thought it is worth sharing:

Educational Feature: Dealing With Losing Trades


A main tenet of success in futures trading is the ability to accept losing trades as part of the overall trading process. This is not an easy undertaking–especially since many futures traders tend to be of a more competitive nature in the first place. Traders certainly don’t have to enjoy losing trades, but they must accept the fact and move on. Those who can’t accept the fact that losing trades are a part of futures trading usually don’t stay in the business very long.

My wife is a school teacher, and one of her favorite acronyms–ADM–can be applied to losing futures trades. “Accept” it. “Deal” with it. “Move” on. (This is a part of the important psychological aspect of trading, and deserves much more discussion than I can provide in this feature.)

I had lunch with one of my trading mentors a while back. We discussed losing trades. I asked my mentor how many losing trades in a row he has had to endure during his long and successful trading career. His reply was 13 in a row. I asked him how he coped with that. He said that while it was certainly not easy, he knew that losing trades are a part of the business and that he was in the business “for the long haul,” and that his trading methodology was sound. He added, “Ninety-percent of futures trading profits are made on 10% of the trades, which means most of the other trades are either small losers or break-even-type trades.” This is an important fact for all traders to keep in mind.

My lunch meeting with my mentor was good for me because, even though we made no “break-through” discoveries on the path to increased futures trading success, we did reaffirm our own philosophies on trading and markets. My passion for trading and market analysis is fed immensely every time I talk with people in my profession, or attend the quality trading seminars.

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British Pound Waiting for The Scottish Vote, Economic Reports & Levels 9.19.2014

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Hello Traders,

For 2014 I would like to wish all of you discipline and patience in your trading!

British Pound waiting for the Scottish Vote for clues on next move

On Thursday, after a 307-year-old union with England and Wales, Scottish voters age sixteen and over will decide in a referendum that will ask the question: Should Scotland be an independent country?

Most opinion polls show more Scots want to remain in the U.K. than leave it, but enough voters are undecided to swing it either way.

The “Better Together” campaign says Scotland should remain part of a larger country that has a greater say in the world and can better withstand financial shocks. Voting “no” to secession would also ensure it keeps the British pound after the U.K. government ruled out sharing the currency with an independent Scotland.

From the technical perspective I did get a possible buy signal ( see the blue diamond in the chart below). My diamond indicators are an output of an extreme overbought/ oversold along with price action that suggests a good counter trend move. In this case we saw an extreme sell off starting July 15th , falling over 11 points, I think if the market can take the 162.65 level , the door is open for a move up to 164.81 and 166.14!


BP6 - British Pound (Globex), Equalized Active Daily Continuation : Heikin Ashi

BP6 – British Pound (Globex), Equalized Active Daily Continuation : Heikin Ashi


One thing for sure, volatility may be QUITE HIGH and it’s really hard to tell the immediate affect. Make sure you have a solid money management/ risk plan in tact!!

Read the rest of the analysis at:

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Rollover Notice Futures Currencies; Economic Reports & Levels 9.12.2014

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Hello Traders,

For 2014 I would like to wish all of you discipline and patience in your trading!

As of tomorrow make sure you are trading DECEMBER stock indices and CURRENCIES…..

I know many of you have read this one before but many others have not….
While it is not a “magic formula” I think the steps outlined should provide you the trader with some  what of a base/ foundation of what you need to have in order to succeed in day-trading:

8 Steps to succeed in futures trading:


1. Education

Hopefully if you are already trading you have completed your initial education: contract specs, trading hours, futures brokers, platforms, the opportunities as well as the risk and need to use risk capital in futures, and so on. Understanding this information is essential to futures trading. The second type of education is ongoing: learning about trading techniques, the evolution of futures markets, different trading tools, and more.

2. Find a System

I am definitely not advising you to go on the web and subscribe to a “black box” system (using buy/sell triggers if don’t know why they are being generated). What I am advising is developing a trading technique: a general set of rules and a trading concept. As you progress, you may want to put the different rules and indicators into a computerized system, but the most important factor is to have a focus and a plan. Don’t just wake up in the morning and trade “blank.”

3. Survival

This is the key! Do what you need to do in order to survive this brutal business and give yourself the chance of being here down the road with more experience and a better chance of success. Survival is probably the biggest key for beginning traders. There is a saying in this business: “live to trade another day.” It is so true!

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Rollover Notice, Economic Reports & Levels 09.10.2014

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Hello Traders,

For 2014 I would like to wish all of you discipline and patience in your trading!

Rollover Notice for Stock Index Futures

Important notice: For those of you trading any stock index futures contracts, i.e., the E-mini S&P, E-mini NASDAQ, E-mini Dow Jones, the “Big” pit-traded S&P 500, etc., it is extremely important to remember that tomorrow, Thursday, Sept.11th, is rollover day.

Starting Sept. 11th, the December 2014 futures contracts will be the front month contracts. It is recommended that all new positions be placed in the December 2014 contract as of Sept. 11th. Volume in the Sept. 2014 contracts will begin to drop off until its expiration on Friday September 19th.


The month code for December is Z4.


Traders with electronic trading software should make sure that defaults reflect the proper contract as of Thursday morning.


Please close any open September Currency positions by the close on Friday the 12th.

Should you have any further question please contact your broker.


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