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Different grains are traded on the Index, as commodities. Wheat, corn, soybeans, canola and soybean meal are just a few examples. They can be either a short-hedge or a long-hedge. One of the most traded grain futures is corn.

Basically, buying or selling these forms of futures enables the buyers and sellers to lock in prices of the specified grain today for the items that are to be delivered in the future. Therefore, all those who are interested in grains futures must track the performance of the grain on the demand and supply graph as well as its performance on the index. Though it is not tough to understand grains futures, the calculation of risk and returns is something that an average person may leave for an expert to do.

We at Cannon Trading are there to help you to not just understand the markets well, but to act as your personal advisors when it comes to trading futures. And, that’s something that applies for grain futures as well. However, information and awareness come before anything else. That is why, we want you to read through all of these blogs and articles carefully before you decide whether you want to trade grain futures or not.

Commodity Trading Levels for October 5th 2010

October 4th, 2010 Filed under Commodity Trading, Energy Futures, Financial Futures, Future Trading News, Futures Trading, Grain Futures, Index Futures, Metal Futures, Options Trading | Comment (0)

Not an easy market to read right now in my opinion.

It is showing signs like it would like to visit some lower levels, yet there is enough buying interest to keep it above 1127.

This Friday monthly unemployment levels will be watched closely.
If the market breaks below 1127, it has a chance of picking some more speed to the downside.
On the flip side, bulls will need to see new highs in order to get back in control of price action.
Daily chart with some price levels to watch for your review below:

Commodity Futures Trading Charts

Commodity Futures Trading Charts

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