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June 2nd, 2017 Newsletter

Using volume charts for daytrading along with oscillators as well as a Corn Chart outlook as we enter the summer season.

June 2nd 2017 - Issue #878

In This Issue

1. Day Trading 102: Using tick/Volume charts and Oscillators for day trading
2. Hot Market Report: Weather Market Scare in Corn, Soybeans Lurking
3. Economic Calendar

1. Using tick/Volume charts and Oscillators for day trading

Using tick charts and oscillators for day-trading (by Ilan Levy-Mayer VP of Cannon Trading and CTA at Levex.net )

I really don't think anyone has found a "perfect way" to day-trade.

Different techniques work well in different market environment.

In this week short educational feature, I will touch about one technique one can add to their trading arsenal. This technique works better on choppy, two sided ways. It DOES NOT work well when the market has a strong trend.

The chart below illustrates a few principals I like:

  1. It uses a tick chart rather than a time chart. I like tick charts ( range bar, volume charts, renko) better when day-trading shorter time frames for the simple reason it already includes a big factor in the market, VOLUME. If you are using 5 minutes chart for example, you may get signals simply because time "has passed" and certain indicators you are using adopt certain values. When using tick charts, at times where there is lots of movement in the market, you won't have to wait until your time frame bar closes to get your signal, volume becomes a bigger more important part of your trading decision.

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    2. Hot Market: Weather Market Scare in Corn, Soybeans Lurking

    From our friend Jim Wyckoff at JimWyckoff.com

    Click on image below to enlarge

    corn futures;

    The grain market bears have had their way most of this year. However, it's the "weather scare" season in the U.S. Corn Belt. Look for price volatility to pick up in the coming weeks. Weather scares in the corn and soybean markets in the summertime develop very quickly. Stay tuned!

    3. Economic Calendar

    Source: Moore Research Center, Inc.

    Date Reports Expiration & Notice Dates
    7:30 AM CDT - USDA Weekly Export Sales
    7:30 AM CDT - Ave Workweek & Hourly Earnings(May)
    7:30 AM CDT - Nonfarm Payrolls(May)
    7:30 AM CDT - Trade Balance(Apr)
    7:30 AM CDT - Unemployment Rate(May)
    FN: Jun RBOB & ULSD(NYM)
    LT: Jun Live Cattle Options(CME)
    Jul Cocoa Options(ICE)
    9:00 AM CDT - Factory Orders(Apr)
    9:00 AM CDT - ISM Services(May)
    FN: Jun Live Cattle(CME)
    9:00 AM CDT - JOLTS-Job Openings(Apr)
    2:00 PM CDT - API Energy Stocks

    6:00 AM CDT - MBA Mortgage Purchase Index
    9:30 AM CDT - EIA Petroleum Status Report
    2:00 PM CDT - Consumer Credit(Apr)
    2:00 PM CDT - Dairy Product Sales

    7:30 AM CDT - USDA Weekly Export Sales
    7:30 AM CDT - Initial Claims-Weekly
    9:30 AM CDT - EIA Natural Gas Report
    3:30 PM CDT - Money Supply
    LT: Jun Nikkei(CME)
    Jul Sugar-16(ICE)
    Jun Nikkei Options(CME)
    9:00 AM CDT - Wholesale Inventories(Apr)
    11:00 AM CDT - WASDE Report & Crop Production
    2:00 PM CDT - Cherry Production
    FN: Jul Sugar-16(ICE)
    LT: Jun Canadian Dollar Options(CME)
    Jun Currencies Options(CME)
    Jun Mx Peso Options(CME)
    Jun US Dollar Index Options(ICE)
    Jul Coffee Options(ICE)


    7:30 AM CDT - Core PPI & PPI(May)
    3:30 PM CDT - API Energy Stocks

    6:00 AM CDT - MBA Mortgage Purchase Index
    7:30 AM CDT - Core CPI & CPI(May)
    7:30 AM CDT - Retail Sales(May)
    7:30 AM CDT - Retail Sales Ex-Auto(May)
    9:00 AM CDT - Business Inventories(Apr)
    9:30 AM CDT - EIA Petroleum Status Report
    1:00 PM CDT - FOMC Rate Decision(Jun)
    2:00 PM CDT - Dairy Products Sales
    LT: Jun Lean Hogs(CME)
    Jun Lean Hogs Options(CME)

    7:30 AM CDT - USDA Weekly Export Sales
    7:30 AM CDT - Initial Claims-Weekly
    7:30 AM CDT - Export(ex-ag) & Import(ex-oil) Prices(May)
    7:30 AM CDT - Philadelphia Fed(Jun)
    8:15 AM CDT - Capacity Util & Industrial Prod(May)
    9:30 AM CDT - EIA Natural Gas Report
    11:00 AM CDT - NOPA Crush
    3:00 PM CDT - Net Long-Term TIC Flows(Jun)
    3:30 PM CDT - Money Supply
    LT: Jun S&P 500(CME)
    Jun S&P 500 Options(CME)
    Jul Crude Lt Options(NYM)
    Jul Sugar-11 Options(ICE)
    FN=First Notice, OE=Option Expiration, LT=Last Trade

    Disclaimer: This calendar is compiled from sources believed to be reliable. Moore Research Center, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions. It is meant as an alert to events that may affect trading strategies and is not necessarily complete. The release dates for certain economic reports may have been rescheduled.

    * Please note that the information contained in this letter is intended for clients, prospective clients, and audiences who have a basic understanding, familiarity, and interest in the futures markets.

    ** The material contained in this letter is of opinion only and does not guarantee any profits. These are risky markets and only risk capital should be used. Past performances are not necessarily indicative of future results.

    *** This is not a solicitation of any order to buy or sell, but a current market view provided by Cannon Trading Inc. Any statement of facts herein contained are derived from sources believed to be reliable, but are not guaranteed as to accuracy, nor they purport to be complete. No responsibility is assumed with respect to any such statement or with respect to any expression of opinion herein contained. Readers are urged to exercise their own judgment in trading!

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