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Learn About, Euro Currency - Reversal or 'Relief Bounce'?, How Should We As Traders Confront Risk? and Futures Economic Calendars by Cannon Trading.

May 1st, 2015 - Issue #785


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1. Euro Currency - Reversal or "Relief Bounce"?
2. How Should We As Traders Confront Risk?
3. Economic Calendar


1. Euro Currency - Reversal or "Relief Bounce"?

by Ilan Levy-Mayer, Cannon Trading VP featured on
May 1st, 2015

The strength in USD over this past 6 months had created one of the best trend following trades this past year.

Longer term traders who were long dollar index and/ or short the Euro, Canadian, Australian dollar to name a few and had the PATIENCE and discipline to stay in the trade should have benefited nicely. However, things are always easier in hindsight.... and today we are looking at a real time, live example of decisions traders must make without the benefit of the 20/20 hindsight vision - Is the current bounce in the Euro and the current sell off in the Dollar index signaling a trend reversal or just a relief rally from all the shorts who are covering positions?

The real longer term answer will lie in a careful analysis of the fundamental picture behind the currency market.

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Euro Currency Reversal or Relief Bounce

2. How Should We As Traders Confront Risk?

Risk, it is a four letter word. As traders it is something that we thrive on and dread. We chase and fear. We look for and look to avoid. It is RISK. Without it, there is no opportunity for profit. Without it trading lacks potential. With it, failure and heartache are the consequences when it is abused.

Risk itself is not a bad thing. When it is misused by traders, it becomes a problem. Controlled risk presents traders with exciting and profitable opportunities. Uncontrolled, it brings the end to the dreams and careers of many traders.
How should we as traders confront risk?....

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3. Economic Calendar

Source: Moore Research Center, Inc.

Date Reports Expiration & Notice Dates
9:00 AM CDT - Factory Orders(Mar) FN: May RBOB & ULSD(NYM)
7:30 AM CDT - Trade Balance(Mar)
9:00 AM CDT - ISM Services(Apr)
6:00 AM CST - MBA Mortgage Purchase Index
7:30 AM CST - Building Permits & Housing Starts(Jan)
7:30 AM CST - Core PPI & PPI(Jan)
8:15 AM CST - Capacity Util & Industrial Prod(Jan)
1:00 PM CST - FOMC Minutes
LT: May Cotton(ICE)
6:30 AM CDT - Challenger Job Cuts(Apr)
7:30 AM CDT - USDA Weekly Export Sales
7:30 AM CDT - Initial Claims-Weekly
9:30 AM CDT - EIA Gas Storage
2:00 PM CDT - Consumer Credit(Mar)
3:30 PM CDT - Money Supply
7:30 AM CDT - Ave Workweek & Hourly Earnings(Apr)
7:30 AM CDT - Nonfarm Payrolls(Apr)
7:30 AM CDT - Unemployment Rate(Apr)
9:00 AM CDT - Wholesale Inventories(Mar)
LT: May Orange Juice(ICE)
May Canadian Dollar Options(CME)
May Currencies Options(CME)
May US Dollar Index Options(ICE)
Jun Coffee Options(ICE)

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