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Dow & NASDAQ Futures to Show Pre-Open on Stocks

Dow NASDAQ Futures

NASDAQ Futures Marketwatch, Investing in futures & CME

When looking at the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P futures, there are similarities and differences between stock ETF’s and these Futures. Depending on how much leverage you would like to employ, the Futures numbers are below. If you are looking at the futures prices and had questions about the valuations, we have included a quick key below:

Dow futures symbol YM, Stock ETF Equivalent symbol DIA

Nasdaq Futures symbol NQ, Stock ETF Equivalent symbol QQQ

S&P Futures symbol ES,  Stock ETF Equivalent symbol SPY

Notional Value Calculations for Dow NASDAQ S&P Futures

Both Mini and Micro E-Mini (1/10th size of the E-Mini)

Mini Dow futures price X $5 = Notional Value

Micro Emini Dow (MYM) futures price X .50 = Notional Value

Mini Nasdaq 100 futures price X $20.00 = Notional value

Micro E-Mini Nasdaq (MNQ) 100 futures price x $2.00 = Notional value

Mini S&P futures price X $50.00 = Notional Value

Micro E-Mini S&P (MES) Futures price X 5.00 = Notional value


If Dow @ 32000 Notional Value of YM = $160,000.00    Margin to hold $ 8800.00

E-Micro    32000 Notional value of MYM = $16,000.00   Margin to hold $ 880.00

If Nasdaq @ 13500.00 Notional Value of NQ = $270,000.00 Margin to hold $16,500.00

E-Micro    13500.00 Notional value of MNQ = $27,000.00 Margin to hold $ 1650.00

If S&P @ 4250.00 Notional value of ES = $212,500.00 Margin to hold $11,800.00

E-Micro   4250.00 Notional value of MES = $21,250.00 Margin to hold $1180.00


Dow Nasdaq S&P futures also offer options, Weekly Options for E-Mini S&P 500 Futures | Cannon Trading.

You can download one of our trading platforms with live data and the options board here

E-Futures International | Futures Trading Platform & Broker Demo Account (

We will be happy to screen share with you and answer any questions you may have about futures related inquiries.

Author: John Thorpe, Senior Broker at Cannon Trading Company

Important: Trading commodity futures and options involves a substantial risk of loss. Therefore, recommendations contained in this letter are of opinion only and do not guarantee any profits. There is not an actual account trading these recommendations and past performances are not necessarily indicative of future results.

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